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Since 2012, WebCoast has been working with nonprofits, associations, corporations and meeting organizers in order to create dynamic and meaningful online learning experiences that help to drive ongoing engagement, new revenue channels, brand loyalty and enhanced global reach.

WebCoast has been working exclusively within the online meeting industry and has been able to specialize in their skills in the meeting industry. Not only do we run annual conferences, a virtual library with 24/7 access, but we serve over 4,000 attendees only at one of our events. 

WebCoast has been working with many companies to provide them with online solutions for their members, upscale their conference material and provide continuing education opportunities for professionals. Over the years, WebCoast has been working closely with International Conference Services (ICS) and providing their online marketing such as virtual library requirements. Furthermore, WebCoast has also served many other clients (Child Trauma, IAPCO, eHealth, Departments of Health Canada, University of Alberta, WFNeurology, PAINS…)

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